The organ presently installed in Grace Lutheran's Canal Boulevard church is the original Moller organ from Immanuel Lutheran. Grace, originally located in the 3800 block of Iberville Street, had a small Wicks organ which is now located in Prince Of Peace Lutheran on Chef Menteur Highway. At the present time, the original Wicks organ from Redeemer Lutheran is being installed in Prince Of Peace to replace the smaller Wicks. At that time, a new home will be found for the original Grace Wicks.

Norman Maunz is organist at Grace's Canal Boulevard location and he has personally done extensive work to bring the Moller to its present condition.

Moller Pipe Organ Opus 6741 - 1939


Diapason 8 Gedeckt 16** Bourdon 16
Melodia 8 Diapason 8 Gedeckt 16**
Gamba 8 Gedeckt 8** Bourdon 8 (Bd 16)
Dulciana 8* Vox Celeste 8 Gedeckt 8**
Octave 4 Salicional 8 Great to Pedal
Dulciana 4* Flute Dolce 4** Swell to Pedal 8
Dulciana 2-2/3* Nazard 2-2/3** Swell ot Pedal 4
Dulciana 2* Piccolo 2**  
Tremolo Cornopean 8  
Chimes Vox Humana 8  
Chime Damper Tremolo  
Great 16 Swell 16  
Great 4 Swell 4  
Great Unison Swell Unison  
Swell to Great 16    
Swell to Great 8    
Swell to Great 4    
* Great unit rank ** Swell unit rank