Now located in The Church Of The Immaculate Conception, New Orleans, LA.

Opening day at the Louisiana Cotton Exposition of 1884. The Pilcher organ, largest ever built by the Pilcher firm, is visible (top left) as backdrop to bandstand. When the fair closed, the organ went to the Jesuit Fathers for their church on Baronne Street. In 1928 the original Immaculate Conception Church was damaged by foundation work from the Pere Marquette Building and other large buildings in the area. The organ was stored in the Roosevelt (now Fairmont) Hotel, across the street, while the original church was demolished and the present church was constructed. The organ was reinstalled in the new church, with additions, by the Moller Company. The installation bore the Moller opus 3318. Although the instrument was abandoned in place some years ago, the images below indicate what remains of the organ today.

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This 1925 photo of the original church (1857-1928) clearly shows the Cotton Expo organ. The case was modified, including removal of the front screen, so that the organ fit in the choir loft. Note the similarity between the original church and the present building. (Historic photo from Louisiana Photo Archives).

(Photos by John DeMajo and Beau Gelpi)

These are the original 32' Open Diapason facade pipes shown in the 1925 photo above
The next photos are from the opposite set of chambers
SPECIFICATIONS FOR M.P. MOLLER OPUS 3318, Installed 1927-29 (pipework from Pilcher organ)
Open Diapason 32 Open Diapason 16 Bourdon 16 French Horn 8 Orchestral Violin 8
Violone 16 1st. Open Diapason 8 Contra Fagatto 16 Quintadena 8 Fern Flute 8
Open Diapason 16 2nd Open Diapason 8 Vox Humana 8 Clarinet 8 Vox Humana 8
Bourdon 16 Melodia 8 Stop Diapason 8 Clarabella 8 Muted Violin 8
Tuba 16 Gross Flute 8 Orchestral Flute 8 Keraulophone 8 Echo Bourdon 16
Contra Fagatto 16 Gemshorn 8 Cornopean 8 Geigen Principal 8 Wald Flute 8
Lieblich Gedeckt 16 Stentorphone 8 Viol d' Orchestra 8 Gedeckt 8 Flute Celeste 8
Cello 8 Tuba 8 Open Diapason 8 Dulciana 8 Tremolo
Bass Flute 8 Gamba 8 Orchestral Oboe 8 Unda Maris 8  
Tuba 8 Cello 8 Viol Celeste 8 Flute d'Amour 4  
10-2/3 Quint Trumpet 8 Principal 4 Harmonic Piccolo 2  
Octave 8 Octave 4 Wald Flute 4 Harp  
Flute 8 Flute Ouverte 4 Flagolet 2    
  Flute Harmonique 4 Dolce Cornet III    
  Clarion 4      
  Twelfth 2-2/3      
  Mixture III      

The following drawings are reproductions of original Moller blueprints for the 1927-1929 installation. (Provided courtesy of the Rive Pipe Organ Company, New Orleans, LA) Click drawings for enlarged view.



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