Photography by John and Kathleen DeMajo

250 West Hickory Street, Ponchatoula, LA.



The following information is taken directly from a brochure provided by the church:

The church began 121 years ago in September of 1869 thanks to a few friends around the Ponchatoula area. Mr. Samuel Marcy Wiggins began teaching Sunday School classes in a local school house in 1869. He continued his efforts in private homes, empty buildings, or anywhere he could until the first church in town was ready for occupancy. Mr. Wiggins was licensed by the Episcopal Diocese as a reader in 1872. He conducted prayer services on three Sundays each month, and on the fourth Sunday, an Episcopal Priest would come to distribute Communion. Other priests would come at different times for Baptism, Confirmation, marriages and burials.

Wiggins was a farmer, yet he dreamed of being able to someday build a church for his community. Since he received little help from the people of the small community, he enlisted the help of his Sunday School children. He obtained a bag of cotton seed and instructed the children to plant the crop and bring the harvest to Sunday School.

In the book "So Great A God" by Hodding Carter, it is reported that the crop of 1870 was attacked by a blight which damaged the entire cotton crop. The children's cotton, however, was spared any damage. The children brought their cotton along with eggs, butter and fowl which Mr. Wiggins took to New Orleans to sell. With the proceeds of the sale, board-by-board, the little church began to take shape. As adults saw what the children were accomplishing, they too began to join into the effort. In February of 1871, the first service was held in the little church, and the congregation was admitted into the Episcopal Diocese on April 20, 1871.

In 1909, tragedy struck as a terrible storm severely damaged the church. The church women mobilized, giving suppers, bazaars and other fundraising efforts, and in 1924, the present building was completed as a result of their fundraising efforts.


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