Photography by John and Kathleen DeMajo

2203 Second Street, New Orleans, LA.
The most current information provided to indicated that this church was heavily damaged in Hurricane Katrina and that it remains closed. Per the Times Picayune newspaper, the building is under contract to be sold.
1910 Pilcher pipe organ is an instrument with significant history
Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church is one of the pioneer churches in New Orleans. Founded in approximately 1867, the parish is an outgrowth of St. John The Baptist Parish. St. Francis de Sales contains original religious artwork including a Crucifix that is located over the altar. This copyrighted work of art is fashioned from Cypress found in the area of the church, and from fine wood found in Africa.
Stone Grotto adjacent to church
Like most Catholic churches of the 20th Century in New Orleans, this church had a parochial grammar school on the property.

Pilcher organ Opus 708, built in 1910, is a 2 manual, 3 division, 7 rank , mechanical action nstrument. At the time that the church was closed, the organ was in poor but restorable condition. The following notes are from the Organ Historical Society Database of pipe organs:.

  • Appears to have been erected by Rive. Orgoblo supplied by Rive. Price: to Rive $2050; to H. P. & Son $1400. Intact but unused 1978; probably for sale. (OHS PC Database. 2004-10-30)


  • The Parish was closed by the Diocese in 2008, and the membership was sent to Holy Ghost Parish. As of 2004, the organ was still located in the gallery. The building is currently for sale by the Diocese. (Chad Boorsma. 2011-02-02)


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