First Baptist Church (ca 1852)
Clinton, LA.
Interior views of First Baptist Church, Clinton, LA.

Jackson Methodist Church (ca 1852)
This Gothic structure remains virtually unchanged since it served
the students of Centenary. It has been placed on the National Register.

First Baptist Church (ca. 1860)
Jackson, LA.
Colonial American architecture. All records have been carefully kept from the time the
church was established in 1835. Men and their mounts were hidden in the church during
the Civil War. This site is also on the National Register.

Presbyterian Church (ca. 1852)
Located in Jackson, LA, this red brick Colonial, with excellent detail and beautifully proportioned windows, is on the National Register

St. Andrews Episcopal Church (ca 1871)
Clinton, LA.
Beautiful Victorian Gothic style with lovely stained glass and original chandeliers. This
site has been placed on the National Register. Below are some interior photos of St. Andrew's Church.

Presbyterian Church (ca 1901)
Norwood, LA.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Jackson, Louisiana

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