Photography by John and Kathleen DeMajo

9301 Chef Menteur Highway, New Orleans, LA.70127

(Note: Photos are pre-Katrina)
View of the Rear Gallery with the restored Wicks organ in place

At a time when many churches ware discarding their historic pipe organs, the congregation of Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church undertook an exciting program to restore and install the 28 rank Wicks pipe organ, originally designed by the late Emile Robichaux for Redeemer Lutheran Church, a stalwart of the City's Ninth Ward for decades. The organ is said to be the first instrument with an exposed Great division to be installed in the New Orleans area. In the period between 1997 and 2005, a dedicated volunteer crew, operating on advice of Richard Schneider of Schneider Pipe Organs, rebuilt sections of the organ which were damaged by termites and neglect as the Redeemer congregation dwindled and the church closed. After rebuilding the instrument, that same crew installed it in Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church. The church previously had the Wicks organ that was removed from Grace Lutheran Church when it was closed and sold to the owners of Christian's Restaurant. That organ was subsequently removed from Prince Of Peace at the time that the Redeemer instrument was completed.

Hurricane Katrina reportedly caused some minimal damage to the organ, however, we understand that it is again being used for services in the restored facility.

Pedal Division pipe work
Swell Division large reed is mounted horizontally
3 manual Wicks console

Specifications for Wicks Opus 4099, originally built for Redeemer Lutheran Church in 1960

Principal 8 Gedeckt 16 Nason Gedeckt 8 Principal 16
Spitz Flute 8 Geigen Principal 8 Salicional 8 Violine 16
Octave 4 Rohr Flute Koppel Flute 4 Principal 8
Spitz Flute 4 Viol de Gamba 8 Nazard 2-2/3 Violine 8
Quint 2-2/3 Viol Celeste 8 Block Flute 2 Rohr Flute 8
Super Octave 2 Principal 4 Tierce 1-3/5 Spitz Principal 4
Mixture III Nachthorn 4 Larigot 1-1/3 Rohr Flute 4
Chimes Principal 2 Sifflute 1 Spitz Principal 2
Great to Great 16 Scharf III Clarinet 8 Contra Trompete 16
Great Unison Silent Contra Trompette 16 Choir to Choir 16 Trompette 8
Great to Great Trompette 8 Choir Unison Silent Clarion 4
Clarion 4 Swell to Swell 16 Choir to Choir 4 Chimes
Tremolo Swell Unison Silent Choir to Pedal 8  
  Swell to Swell 4 Choir to Great 8  
Great to Pedal 8 Swell to Great 16 Choir to Pedal 4  
Great to Pedal 4 Swell to Great 8 Choir to Great 16  
  Swell to Pedal 8 Choir to Great 4
  Swell to Great 4    
  Swell to Choir 16    
  Swell to Choir 8    
  Swell to Choir 4    
  Swell to Pedal 4    
    Pistons: 8 + Gen in Great
4 + Gen in Swell
4 + 4 + Cancel in Choir
Sforzando and Crescendo


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