Photography by John DeMajo and Kathleen DeMajo Adams

Catholic Cathedral of the Archdiocese of New Orleans
Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA.
Updated photo above by Corine Tran
Updated photo above by Corine Tran

Saint Louis Cathedral has an interesting history associated with it's Grand Organ. According to material supplied through the Organ Historical Society, the first documented organ installed there was a Henry Erben instrument installed circa 1850. In 1870, a 2 manual Pilcher instrument.was purchased to replace the Henry Erben organ. In the 1930's, the Austin firm installed their Opus 868, a 3 manual, 14 stop organ. In the 1950's, the M.P. Moller Company installed their Opus 8158 which was a 76 stop, 3 manual organ. In 1967, builder Otto Hoffman performed modifications and upgrades which rendered a 3 manual, 58 stop instrument which was composed principally of pipe work and the console from Moller Opus 8158. In 2002, the Holtkamp firm, under funding provided by then retired music director Dr. Elise Cambon, produced a 77 stop organ, complete with a 3 manual terraced console. Much of that organ was based on the original Moller / Hoffman instrument with major modifications and rebuilds by the Holtkamp firm.

When Hurricane Katrina struck, the Holtkamp organ sustained damage. It was completely removed from the church and two years later, a new Holtkamp instrument was delivered and installed. That is the present instrument at the Cathedral

Resultant 32 Montre 16 Bourdon 16 Quintaden 16
Contra Bass 16 Montre I 8 Montre I 8 Montre 8
Montre 16 Montre II 8 Montre II 8 Viola Douce 8
Soubase 16 Flute Harmonic 8 Viola de Gamba 8 Viola Celeste 8
Bourdon 16 Bourdon de Cambon 8 Viola Celeste 8 Cor de Nuit 8
Quintaden 16 Octave 4 Bourdon 8 Quintaden 8
Huitieme 8 Flute en Fusse 4 Octave Geigen 4 Prestant 4
Soubase 8 Quint 2-2/3 Flute Triangulaire 4 Flute a Cheminee 4
Bourdon 8 Superoctave 2 Nazard 2-2/3 Nazard 2-2/3
Grosse Quinte 5-1/3 Flute 2 Cornet II Doublette 2
Prestant 4 Grand COrnet V Piccolo 2 Quarte do Nazard 2
Soubase 4 Mixture IV Larigot 1-1/3 Tierce 1-3/5
Cor de Nuit 4 Fourniture III Plen Jeu IV Scharf IV
Dor de Nuit 2 Tuba Harmonique 16 Cymbal III Cymbal III-IV
Grand Fourniture IV Tuba Harmonique 8 Trompette 16 Trumpet 8
Contra Bombarde 32 Trumpet 8 Trompette 8 Cromorne 8
Bombarde 16 Trompette en Chamade 8 Oboe 8 Tremulant
Trompette 16 Zimbelstern Clarion du Roi 4 Tuba Harmonique 16
Trompette 8   Tremulant Tuba Harmonique 8
Clarion 4   Recit to Recit 16 Trumpette en Chamade 8
Tuba Harmonique 16   Recit to Recit 4  
Tuba Harmonique 8      
Trompette en Chamade 8      
*The photographs below are of the 2004 Holtkamp installation.

The late Dr. Elise Cambon, who devoted 62 years of service to the Cathedral and its music programs. Dr. Cambon was also the principal donor of funds which provided for the Holtkamp organ installation.


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