Photography by John and Kathleen DeMajo

6249 Canal Boulevard at Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA
Founded in 1836, Saint Paul's Episcopal Church moved to its present home in 1952 after having been located on Camp Street for many years. The 800 member church provides many community services including an educational GED program. St. Paul's School includes grades Pre-K through 8th. Rev. Stephen Becker is the rector.
Interior of day chapel
A rare photo of the old St. Paul's Episcopal Church which was located on Camp Street.
Painting showing interior view of the previous St. Paul's church building which was located on Camp Street in New Orleans.
At last check by NewOrleansChurches, this church had an Allen electronic organ.

The first organ shown in the OUSCDB database was an 1860 Henry Erben & Co. organ installed at the Camp Street church building.

The second instrument recorded was a 1910 Moller Organ OPUS 2706, which replaced the earlier Henry Erben instrument.

The OUSCDB records also indicate that a 1960's Moller organ, OPUS 9782, was installed, which would have been at the new Canal Boulevard church building.

At the time of first visit to this church, an Allen digital organ was in use. There was some evidence of what may have been the the Moller Opus 9782 installation, in a chamber to the left of the sanctuary.

Following Hurricane Katrina, the original organ had been destroyed, and a temporary older Allen instrument, with card reader programming, was in use. The current status of the church and organ are not known at this time, however, the church did reopen following repair of Katrina flood damage.

Click here to view the original spec from the church's Moller organ Opus 2706


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