Photography by John and Kathleen DeMajo

(Formerly Napoleon Avenue Presbyterian Church)
4400 St. Charles Avenue at Napoleon, New Orleans, LA.
Interior of the Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Church, which was formerly the home of Napoleon Avenue Presbyterian Church.
Shown above is the case and facade of Möller Opus 2412, a two manual, 31 stop organ completed in 1917. The basis for this organ was a previous Moller instrument (Opus 326) which was installed at the turn of the Century. Opus 326 was a mechanical action organ, and it is believed that Opus 2412 represented the installation of electro-pneumatic action chests and a new console, along with the addition of 12 ranks, which brought the instrument to 31 total ranks.

The case is all that remains today, and the church was using a Hammond B3 electric organ at the time these photographs were taken. .
Here is a photo of the church building prior to expansion that resulted in additional buildings on the right of the structure shown. This photo dates to 1925 and is from the Alexander Allison Collection at the New Orleans Public Library.

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